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Keeping It Simple
I was amazed to learn some time ago the great American street preacher D. L. Moody delivered messages no longer than twenty minutes at a time. He did this whether he was in a church or in the streets preaching. As a message went generally in churches he would go the twenty minutes minimum and up to thirty minutes at the very most. He claimed that dragging it longer only hindered the soul ready for salvation.

Charles Spurgeon on the other hand would preach at least thirty minutes if not over an hour. Again this was regardless if in a church or on the streets. His feelings were he was going to say everything possible about his subject so people once they left were no longer able to say they had not heard the entire spoken word.

Spurgeon was also convicted to witness to at least one person per day and would not rest until he did so. There are accounts of Charles readying for bed and noticing it was almost midnight, when he grabbed on clothes and headed outside to find some one to share the Gospel with, realizing his long arduous day left him without speaking God’s Word. He promptly hit the street and found a person to witness to.

However your approach to time it goes without saying you must keep the crowd interested in your message. What your listeners will remember the most is your opening and your close. An opening that fails to win the crowd will ultimately lead to a disbursement of that group that had stopped to listen. You may have a dynamic message but the slow introduction and stammering tongue will ward off any potential for a great crowd.

The close is as greatly effected after your message if you hope to have them come to know Christ as their Savior. A weak close and uninspired will cause the listener to think you were just spouting off. Now is the time to show the true compassion of Christ when you close. Your close or invitation needs to be delivered in care, compassion and detailed with the saving grace of Christ. You won the crowd with your message by the fact they are there for the end of it. It is not a moment to think, ” I got ’em now”‘ but a time to rejoice in the LORD God and show them the light of the World Jesus Christ lifted up.


Write your message out. Start with your first point and parts 1,2 3, etc. if needed. Or use A. explain, B. Explain and so forth as the message calls for. Write out your introduction and deliver it strong and with compassion. Use all your points and ready for the close. Once ready to close slow down your delivery, be very easy in your body language, let your visitors see this is serious time. Use your voice as your greatest asset and speak slowly, in control.

The other tool you need is your Bible PERIOD. You do not want your notes at the time you start your street message. They will only seem to show the crowd you do not know what you are talking about. Gospel tracts are a great witnessing tool but not to the street evangelist. You MUST know your material, even if you have to find different spots with a different crowd and preach the same message every time you preach. Save the tracts until you are completely finished and give them as a means of having something for your crowd to take home. Your message and that of the tracts need to be similar and not conflicted.


You begin your message and people start to gather, you are getting into it when a heckler wants to ask questions or start a debate, how do you respond? My opinion is stick to the message, (again) PERIOD! You may have five, ten or even fifty to one hundred people there to listen to what you have to say. Are you going to amuse the one or two hecklers and lose that one person who just might accept Christ that day while you preach? Never go at it alone, you set yourself up for just this type of thing. You must remember, the ones gathered, there is always someone there that knows more than you ever will, according to their own ignorance. Your greatest asset is your TEAM. Yes, in caps, TEAM, they are to control the crowd. A team member graciously must approach the heckler and talk to them so you may proceed.


Once you start your message never stop. Do not hesitate when the loud mouth in the crowd starts his antics. Trust your team members to be able to calmly speak to this individual and go on with your message. Never let the crowd see intimidation in you or your team. Remember you are there bringing God’s Holy word to those who may never have heard. Another item of trust is your voice. I recently read scriptures in a wedding. My oldest daughter got married and I was asked to read the message before the service. It was an outside service and the tent area was long and narrow. The decision was made to have our violinist play a song while I read. It was a song that builds up to a crescendo to the end of it and ends boldly. I had to raise my voice over top of the violin so all could hear the Word be s

Great Streets In America

Shop Chicago’s Magnificent Mile – One Of Ten Great Streets In America

Chicago’s Magnificent Mile is one of the top shopping districts in the world. Located on North Michigan Avenue, from the Chicago River north to Lincoln Park, Magnificent Mile shopping features more than 400 stores, varying from boutiques to department stores to art galleries to electronic shops.

It’s not just shopping that put the Magnificent in the Mile. The Magnificent Mile offers over 200 restaurants, including the acclaimed Signature Room at The 95th, Spiaggia, Tru, The Pump Room, and Spago. It also features landmark buildings, such as the John Hancock Center, the Wrigley Building, and the Tribune Tower, as well as residential and commercial centers, hotels and entertainment. Some of the city’s most impressive architecture can be seen on the Mile. In fact, the American Planning Association selected North Michigan Avenue as one of the “10 Great Streets in America.”

The street is filled with specialty stores, many of them offering luxury goods, such as Barney’s New York, Hermes, Bulgari, Lalique, Brooks Brothers, Cartier, Tiffany’s, Giorgio Armani, Kate Spade, MaxMara, Gucci, Bottega Veneta, and Salvatore Ferragamo. The Magnificent Mile is also home to familiar brands, such as Banana Republic, Orvis, Benetton, Gap, Talbots, and Timberland. And if you want to save your money for one of the great restaurants along the Mile, you can shop at a discount at Marshalls or Filene’s Basement.

If you are looking for home furnishings, home accessories, or art galleries, the Magnificent Mile is the place to find Pottery Barn, Fly-By-Nite Galleries, Orca Aaart, Crate & Barrel, Atlas Galleries, Chaiaroscuro, or The Arts Club of Chicago.

For kids and teenagers (and kids at heart), there are toy and clothing stores, as well as electronics and music, including the American Girl Place, Madison & Friends, LEGO, Apple Computer, Virgin Megastore, Jacadi, Bang & Olufsen, Hammacher Schlemmer, and Sony Gallery.

When the Windy City lives up to its name, shop indoors at one of the Magnificent Mile shopping centers or department stores. There are four shopping centers – Water Tower Place, Chicago Place, 900 N Michigan Shops, and The Shops at North Bridge. Water Tower Place is the most famous, and houses stores like Abercrombie & Fitch, Sharper Image, Victoria’s Secret, Chico’s, Macy’s, Body Shop, Sephora, and Fossil. The Mile also offers a long list of department stores, including Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Lord & Taylor, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Neiman Marcus.

Street Furniture

4 Key Qualities of the Best Types of Street Furniture

Great street furniture is something that most people take for granted. Often, outdoor furniture is only noticed when it is bad quality, out of place or dangerous. Benches and other items of furniture can be found throughout the towns and cities of the UK, but what makes some items so much better than others? Here are four of the key qualities of the most effective street furniture.

1. Durable

If there is one thing that all good items of street furniture have in common it is that they are durable. The great British weather is rarely kind, even during the summer months, and throughout the course of a year any item of furniture will have to put up with wind, rain, frost, sleet and even snow (as well as the odd spot of sun thrown in).

No one wants to invest in items of outdoor furniture that disintegrates and fall to pieces after a few years. The best items will last many years and remain usable and in great condition long after they have been erected. This involves incorporating the very best construction methods and materials, and the results make a significant difference.

2. Safe

Any item of street furniture that is not safe to use poses a risk to the community. An item could become unsafe because it has become damaged over the years due to the fact that it was not durable enough. Or the design may simply be lacking and the safety of the item becomes compromised.

Safety is clearly one of the most important factors to consider with any item of outdoor furniture, because if an item is not safe to use then it really has no right to be in the street in the first place.

3. Comfortable

Comfort is one area where many items of street furniture are lacking. Even if an item of furniture is durable and safe, this does not mean that it is necessarily pleasant to use.

The best items of street furniture have been carefully designed to ensure that they are comfortable for the user. They provide a pleasant experience and go above and beyond simply providing something that is durable.

4. Attractive

The design of outdoor furniture is sometimes forgotten about, but it is very important. Items of street furniture should complement the surrounding area and improve upon it in some way. The best furniture provides something pleasant to look at, something the people in the area can be proud to use. Durability and safety may be more important, but that does not mean that the attractiveness of the design should be forgotten.


Get The Best Street Furniture You Can Find

Street furniture is a key feature across the UK, but the very best items of furniture include all of the above qualities. If you ever need to order an item of outdoor furniture for your area, just make sure that you keep the above qualities in mind.

Great Street Foods In Krabi

Great Street Foods In Krabi

Many travelers around the world famously know Krabi as a beach holiday destination. Located in the Southern part of Thailand, it is home to many natural limestone cliffs and hidden caves and lagoons. Most tourists also visit Thailand for their delicious and exotic foods that are usually found on the streets of night markets, which is a common sight. Krabi is home to a famous night market more commonly known as Krabi Walking Streets and these are the few foods that you should not miss when you are there…

1. Mango Sticky Rice
This delectable delight is a popular Thai dessert that is usually served at room temperature, if not hot, especially when sold in the streets. It is made of sticky rice soaked in fresh coconut milk topped with sweet cut mangoes. At less than 100 Baht, you can get this fantastic dessert that is quite filling (due to the rice) so you might want to share them.

2. Crepe Rolls
Comes in bite-size, the crepe rolls found at Krabi Walking Street are filled with a variety of pastes you can choose from. There is custard, coconut, kaya and even taro so be sure to try all of them! The outside layer is made of soft and thin pancake batter, grilled to perfection. The best part is its price – at only 20 Baht for eight rolls, you (and your pocket) will definitely leave the place smiling.

3. Banana Pancake
Cave in to your sweet tooth as you pamper yourself with this sinful delight. Fresh sliced bananas wrapped in dough, pan-fried to perfection and sprinkled with some sugar to bring out the sweetness. As if that isn’t sweet enough, the pancake is topped with chocolate fudge. The seller will cut the pancake into little pieces before it’s good to go!

4. Fried Ice Cream
With weather like Krabi, indulge in some cold sweeties that can easily be found not only in the night market, but also any random street stalls during the day. If you have never tried one before, fried ice cream is basically ice cream wrapped in soft bread. The outside is hot while the inside is cold so be sure you eat them up quickly!
And if you are feeling extra adventurous…

6. Stir-Fried Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle
Despite its off-putting name, this insect dish is actually a delicacy in Thailand. When fried properly, it actually even taste good. The coconut also adds flavor to the whole insect dish, which is full of protein and other nutrients. Eating insects is a definite must-do when you in Thailand! So don’t miss this out!

Marketing Your Business

Marketing Your Business: Why Street Signs Have Always Worked

Street signs are a part of your everyday life. You see them heading to work, out running errands or just strolling through the neighborhood. They inadvertently grab your attention because you’re ingrained to pay attention to signs. The fact that we all obey signs on a daily basis whether it’s “No Turn On Red”, a street name, or even the flashing red hand on a cross-walk, means we can’t help but look at business signs, real estate signs, campaign signs, or even builders signs in the lawn.

So what does this mean for your company? People are ingrained to notice your business’s street sign and using a great street sign design service, you can create a unique, eye-popping, and creative sign that will bring customers directly to you.

When using a local street sign design service, they can help you design a sign that stands out, is durable in all weather conditions, and of course, personal to you and your company. To help you create the best street sign for your business, here are a few great tips to consider.

1) Keep it short and sweet! When your future customer drives by they only have a few seconds to read what your sign says. The few words you use must be powerful and engaging. For your street sign – less is always more!

2) When possible, change up your sign to keep people interested! Whether it’s adding garland or lights during the holidays or changing the color or theme when possible, change keeps the consumer wanting more.

3) Be creative. We read hundreds of signs on a daily basis so be sure to bring creativity to your street sign. Simple things like humor, lights, imagery, or using a local icon that the town loves helps create an attraction to your sign.

4) Keep your sign personal. Your business means the world to you and you want to let others know that too. Adding a personal touch generates a bond between you and the consumer even before you meet!

5) Know what your sign is for. Will it be a permanent fixture? Will it be used to advertise a service done? Does it need to be easy to transport and re-used? Knowing the answers to these questions creates an easier starting point for you and the design team.

Using these helpful tips, work with a local street sign design service to customize and create your sign. You can be sure the process will be easy and effective. Work with the design team on sign material, durability, location, and sign usage to generate a beautiful unique sign that will make your business shine.